Your Local Independent Bike Shop

No Rules To Break

Independent bike shops have certain advantages over dealerships.  Dealers can't work on whatever bikes they want.  They can't sell whatever parts or accessories they want.  We can.  No rules.

We can work on anything we want.  Did you inherit your Uncle's old bike that needs to be restored?  It's not too old for us.  Do you have a new bike that you'd like to apply aftermarket parts on, but the dealership won't help with?  We can and we will.    

Maintain Your Bike

New tires, brakes, suspension, oil and fluid changes, cables, plus all the adjustments

Major Rebuild or Repair Jobs

Want to rebuild your transmission or motor?  Want to add cubic inches?  Let us help

Customize Your Bike

Adding new mirrors or footpegs is only the beginning.  The sky is the limit for what you can do wtih your bike

We've helped our customers do some amazing things wtih their bikes.  Come in with your ideas and let's make it happen.

Cycle Imagery - Santa Cruz, California 2019